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Daily Music Recommendations - Discover New Music
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Won't Do

by J Dilla

Wednesday 7th February 2024

Hey, it's been a while — but I couldn't continue to ghost you on the day that is J Dilla's 50th birthday.

"J Dilla Changed My Life" is an adage that rings true for the whole globe; and that’s still, somehow, an understatement. Even if you've never heard his work before, nearly every artist since the early 2000s has been heavily influenced by him either directly or indirectly. I even recently heard a country song that referenced Slum Village’s “Fall in Love” hook.

James Dewitt Yancey is a legend. He is your favourite producer’s favourite producer. He is everything I love about music embodied in one singular person.

I’ve been a fan of his since I was about 14 and it’s fan-tas-tic to see his fanbase grow year on year with new ears and faces finding adoration for his work.

Trying to think of one of his songs to share was tough — I struggled to whittle it down to ten. But then, this past weekend, there was one song the DJs played several times during the Dilla tribute gig at the Jazz Cafe. It’s below for your enjoyment.

One quick note, I’m trying to get back to normal programming — DMR’s back babbbyyyyyyy! (Please read that last bit in Dilla’s voice, I’m referencing Slum Village’s “Yes Yes”)
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