Daily Music Recommendations - Discover New Music
Daily Music Recommendations - Discover New Music
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Recap for Week 46 2023

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Do Your Thing

by Basement Jaxx

Video: Kanye West making an ill track in the studio

I first found this video when I was 16. I was getting into music production at the time and it blew my mind. The skill needed to take the sample which was a 3/4 time signature and turn it into a 4/4 is incredible. I don't care what you think about him as a person! Ye's a genius.

Liquid Love

by Roy Ayers

Playlist: Café Hip Hop

When We Start a Café...

Hip Hop, Soul / R&B, Easy Listening

When we start a hip hop-inspired café, this will be one of the main playlists—a mix of vibes, lyrics and grit. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not all hip hop. Updated weekly.

Hit This

by Baylen

Don't Look Up

by Tanya Morgan